Julian Feliciano

is an aspiring web developer, autodidact and Chicago gentleman

A Chicagoans first steps towards becoming a web developer

So I’ll start off by saying that the title is slightly misleading. This is by design. For the past 3 years I have been teaching myself the set of languages needed to become a proficient web developer. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ruby, the works. I acquired tons of information, techniques and essentials to create standard static websites, simple web apps and dabble a little with CRUD based applications. The biggest problem I ran into during that time was having a set structure that would help me put all these technologies together towards becoming a complete full-stack developer. I’ve looked into various online apprenticeships such as bloc.io, but at the moment it is not within my budget to pursue this path. While scouring the web for a more structured learning path I ran across an open-sourced resource called The Odin Project. It is very much created in the same vain as many of the online...

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